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Developing Strategy For Digital Marketing And SEO

Many of those attending training or conferences about marketing are in pretty early stage with their marketing efforts. Their website has no traffic, have few followers on social media and only a handful of email subscribers. Their blog is usually a disaster when they have one and is barely legible. They need to know how digital marketing work.
Several of them, after training, suggest using some advanced techniques in their strategies, but they do not work. Many are too eager to start and want to skip the basics.

The problem with marketing is you need to lay the foundation well to perform the most elegant and functional process. To be successful with your marketing, you need to understand two things:

  • You must start from the beginning
  • You have to develop your marketing over time – depending on the stage where you are.

The vast majority of blogs and marketing sites give you a ton of marketing tips that sound great but may not be helpful to you. They won"t help you not because they are useless but for the simple reason that they are applicable for another stage in the marketing process. You"re provided with case studies of major brands, and you find out how they use their social networks to shoot their campaigns, and you think you can do something similar.
In fact, right now, it is likely that you face completely different problems:

  • Get more followers to your social accounts
  • Get more qualified traffic to your site
  • Create a database of users by obtaining their email
  • Start generating some conversions.

Once you have this under control, you"re ready for the next step, and you have to make decisions to improve your marketing.

Taking risks in advanced marketing before you have the basics done is dangerous. You must understand how to start in digital marketing. You have to lay the foundation for the buyer"s journey online which are Recognition, consideration, and conversion.

Facebook itself indicates that you have to start from the beginning, not the end! Digital marketing means how to understand the journey of the buyer.

Value before conversion

You can"t expect to grow an audience when you"re not providing something worth hearing. Many people wonder why their number of followers does not grow. The answer even if it hurts to the gut, it is simply they don"t deserve to have followers. Therefore, most of the methods used to increase their followers will probably fail.
As long as the content you offer has value, no marketing method will work for your business. This is the essential truth that you should understand in digital marketing. You can think that your content is very valuable, but the truth is that whoever decides that"s your market. Your local SEO Jacksonville can help you identify what interests your target audience.

Before wasting time and money trying to get people to follow you, be sure to provide something useful to your blog and or your social services to people who you think should follow your account. Only then you can focus on other ways to make them follow you.

YouTubers are the best example of this. They build an audience by providing interesting or useful videos. Once they consolidated their presence, they then start creating calls to action. How many videos did Linus Tech Tips make before the channel became famous?

Another example you can see is HubSpot; they always give away lots of e-books before they ask you to do something. Once they establish their reputation, it was easier for them to market their software products.

Know your customers

Every time entrepreneurs were asked if they know your customer, the answer is the same: Yes of course! The truth is that they do not because they just cannot respond to the second question; that is name three sites that your customers often visit?

If you do not know what your customers do, what they search on the web, what are their doubts, fears, problems, then you don’t know enough about them. If you say that your client is class AB, C + aged between 25 and 35 living in a certain city, etc. You"re limiting yourself to a segmentation that was used 20 years ago. This information is not enough to start digital marketing. SEO Florida companies have tools to analyze what interests your customers.

This is just a small guide on how to start digital marketing. Marketing is a process and is not a one-time event. You have to take one step after the other. If you start with one step further in your career without getting the previous steps, you are by going to have a big disappointment. If the metrics tell you something unexpected, sometimes you need to step back and rethink. Maybe there is something in the marketing process that was not properly done.

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